Joining the REA

If you would like to join the REA, press the register button below. You will be asked to firstly fill in your company details, and then to add any individuals who you would like to be registered. You can then subscribe by selecting your membership category and either requesting an invoice to be sent to you, or pay online with a credit card.

Existing REA members

You will already have a member’s login; this will be your company's registered email address (to sign on as your companies record) or your individual registered email address (for your individual record). Your password can be retrieved by the password retrieval link below, alternative call the membership team on 0207 925 3570 for assistance.

Registering for an event

Non members will first need to register their company details. To do this, click register below and follow the prompts, inputting all required information. If you have previously registered your details, sign in with the email address provided.

Please enter your login details

If you have any problems logging in please call the Membership Team on 0207 925 3570 while you are still online and we will assist you